Let's put something great in the sky.

About us

The Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group (WARG) is a student design team at the University of Waterloo competing annually in the Aerial Evolution Association of Canada's Student Competition. 

We are a passionate group of students focused on innovating the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry. We take pride in building everything ourselves, from the autopilot and computer vision software, to the custom designed ZeroPilot board that we use on our aircraft. 

If you're interested in joining us in our mission to develop innovative flying robots, check us out here.

Our aircraft


"Pegasus" is a quadcopter featuring our team's most recent airframe design and software integration efforts. Pegasus stands as WARG's most advanced drone, boasting autonomous capabilities throughout its entire flight, from take-off to landing.

Weight: 10 kg
Flight time: 30 min
Propulsion: 22" propellers
Power supply: 50v (12s LiPo)
Payload: 2kg


"Icarus" is a VTOL-capable fixed-wing aircraft designed for AEAC 2023! It carries it's passengers both on short-range multiple landing-takeoff flights, as well as long-range inter-city flights!

Weight: 14.7 kg
Flight time: 30 min
Propulsion: 17" propellers
Power supply: 50v (12s LiPo)
Payload: 2kg


"Houston" is a 10-12" quadcopter that's commonly used as a software validation test-bed! You'll often see this quad loaded up with cameras, sensors, co-processors, or experimental flight controllers doing initial flights or gathering data for us! 

Weight: 1.1 kg
Flight time: 10 min
Propulsion: 10-12" propellers
Power supply: 12v (3s LiPo)
Payload: 500g 


"Vanguard" is a 17" class quadcopter that's primary purpose was to compete in AEAC 2022. It was built to be incredibly modular and robust, and has now retired to heavy-lift or long-range testing! You'll commonly see Vanguard outfitted with antennas testing our long-range antenna systems, or performing fully autonomous multiple-waypoint test flights!

Weight: 5.5 kg
Flight time: 30 min
Propulsion: 17'' propellers
Power supply: 22v (6s LiPo)
Payload: 2kg