Core Members

Annie LePage Team Lead

Annie has been a member of the team since fall 2017. Currently her focus is recruitment and development of the firmware for the new autopilot boards, although past projects have ranged from PCB design to mechanical design. Annie is enrolled in Systems Design Engineering

Elton Tang Finance Lead

Elton has been a member of WARG since summer 2018. He manages team finances and funding in addition to being a member of the electrical team. Elton is enrolled in Electrical Engineering.

Lucy Gong Safety Captain

Lucy has been a member of WARG since the winter of 2018. She primarily works with the electrical team and is trying very hard to do firmware, while also being WARG’s Safety Captain. Lucy is currently enrolled in Mechatronics Engineering.

Mark Dunk Mechanics Lead

Mark has been a member of WARG since 2015. He works on the mechanical aspects of WARG’s aircraft, as well as system integration and team logistics. Mark is currently completing his third year of Legal Studies.

Serge Babayan Advisor

Serge joined WARG in the fall of 2014, working with the software and electrical teams. Serge has graduated from Mechatronics Engineering, but continues to advise on autopilot work.

Roman Boychuk Advisor

Roman joined WARG in the winter of 2017. His main contributions were to the mechanical team, and he remains an advisor as he focuses on Capstone design. Roman will be graduating from Mechanical Engineering in May of 2020